massage and body treatments

massage & body treatments


We Use Organic Creams & Lotions.


Therapeutic Body Massage (60 min.) … 90.
Therapeutic Body Massage (75 min.) … 111.
Therapeutic Body Massage (90 min.) … 133.
Therapeutic Back Massage (30 min.) … 56.
Body Massage and Salt Scrub (90 min.) …163.
Aromatherapy Salt Scrub (45 min.) … 90.
Dry, dull skin is buffed away with a distinctive blend of
purifying sea salt and soothing essential oils: Stimulates
circulation and relieves body aches.
Seaweed Gel Wrap (60 min.) … 85.
High potency and super hydrating. This treatment consists
of sea kelp, blue-green algae, extracts of willow, aloe-vera
oil, vitamin-E, rose hip and lavender oil that provide metabolic stimulation,
detoxify, improve elasticity and natural healing

Dry Brush Body Exfoliation Combined with any massage … 25.
Promotes circulation& boasts lymphatic drainage.
Paraffin Treatment for Hands & Feet
Combined with any massage… 40.
Just Hands … 25.   Just Feet … 25.
We use warm paraffin infusion consisting of eleven vitamins
& minerals.  Softens, lubricates & helps with joint & muscle pain.

Reiki Combined wit
h any Massage treatment … 15.
An energy technique that promotes the body’s natural ability to heal.
Reiki is a perfect complementary treatment to massage.
Aromatherapy Combined with any Massage treatment … 10.
Aromatherapy is a perfect way to combine the health promoting
benefits of essential oils with the therapeutic touch of massage.

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