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In addition to our own line of skin care products at Sasha Salon and Spa, we carry a line of organic products from 302™. 302 is an organic corrective clinical line of products.

Welcome to the new science of skin care where the environment and our DNA interface. Here 302™ optimizes functions at the cellular and extra-cellular level that are key to improving the look, feel and texture of the skin.

   302™ sources organic and sustainable agriculture base ingredients wherever possible and many of our products are in excess of 90% organic content. 302™ does not use animal derived ingredients and they do not test on animals. Their own families use these products who have the same concerns you do in applying the most compatible ingredients for your health. 302’s extraordinary capabilities in reversing the visible effects of aging, chronic inflammation, rosacea and uneven pigmentation for example, mean not only immediate improvements in skin quality but just as importantly, how to keep it that way. The visible result is trans-formative.

Your Skin Care Professional at Sasha Skin Care Salon and Spa is passionate, informed, caring and observant and takes how you look personally. Professional guidance like this takes you to visible, exciting results.