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Safety precautions we are taking to keep everyone safe besides being fully vaccinated

We are happy to announce: everyone who works here is fully vaccinated.

  • Upon arrival all team members are asked to disinfect their hands and sign COVID-19 questionnaire.

  • Then they change into laundered fresh uniform and personal protective gear - mask, gloves, face shield, protective hair cover – depending on procedures they are going to perform.

  • Therapists are washing and sanitizing their hands before, throughout, and after each appointment.

  • All team members adhere to rules and regulations from Board of Cosmetology and Barbering, CDC and Local Government Instructions about proper cleaning and disinfecting all tools, implements, areas with countertops, door handles, treatment rooms, back rooms, bathrooms, and reception area.

  • Every client will be asked to disinfect their hands upon arrival and sign precautionary COVID-19 Liability Release Form and wear mask when possible.

  • We will ask our clients to restrain from talking without mask during face treatments and face waxing when in close proximity to your therapists.

  • At this time we are not offering any water, tea, and magazines since the disinfection of all that would be impossible.

  • Our beds will have freshly laundered sheets and/or table cover according to treatment.

  • There will be sufficient time provided to disinfect each treatment room between clients.

  • We will maintain six feet distancing between individuals as much as possible in our spa settings.

  • We are using UV-C light air purifiers and sanitizers in each room. We also use fans with Ozone gas generation ability when appropriate. Ozone gas – O3 kills germs.

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